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Village West Pool

Bringing West Springfield communities together since 1967.

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2018 Membership Types and Rates

Village West Pool has annual and monthly memberships with rates based on household size.

Annual members become voting members of Village West Pool after a full year of membership. Unlike most pools in the area, VWP annual members do not pay a bond fee. Given the communal, non-profit nature of the pool, annual members participate in our volunteer program and pay a $100 volunteer fee at the end of the pool season (30 September) LESS any volunteer hours they worked at the rate of $10/hour during the twelve months of the season (1 October - 30 September). For more information, see our About Us page.


Monthly members are not voting members. A monthly membership is valid for 30 consecutive days from the day of purchase. Monthly members are not eligible for senior citizen or new member discounts. A pro-rated volunteer fee is incorporated into the monthly membership rate since these members are not involved in the pool year-round.

Members in either category check into the pool by using their last names or membership number.

Who Counts?

Membership rates are based on the number of members of your household, age 2 and up, who intend to use the pool. Members must be part of a single household. Divorced families in which neither parent has remarried may be considered part of a single household. Annual members may include one day-care provider (either a nanny, babysitter, or relative) on their membership without counting this person toward their membership household size. Please note the name of this person in the additional notes section of your membership or renewal form on our website.


Annual and monthly members who are active members of the Civic Association of West Springfield Village receive a $20 discount off their membership. This credit can be used only once per year for monthly members. Use coupon code CAWSV during checkout.

Annual memberships in which the head of household is age 65 or older by May 1st of the pool season year are eligible to receive the discounted senior citizen rate for their membership. Proof of age may be required to receive this rate.

New annual members receive a one-time, 20 percent discount on their entire membership and their volunteer program obligation is pro-rated to start on the first month of their membership. For example, a family that purchases a new annual membership on 1 May would be assessed a volunteer program fee of $42 (five months since our seasons are on a fiscal year starting in October) less any volunteer hours worked at the rate of $10/hour. Households that were monthly members in a prior year and join as annual members are eligible for this discount. Use coupon code newmember20 during checkout for this discount.

Pro-rated annual memberships are available for families who must move out of the area mid-year due to a job assignment. Please contact us to arrange for this type of membership. 

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