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Village West Pool has served as a center of the West Springfield Village community since its establishment in 1967.  

We are a membership-based, volunteer-led, but professionally-managed pool.

Centered in the heart of West Springfield, the pool provides a convenient location for your family to cool off during Washington's humid summers, and also hosts classes for kids and adults, sponsors awesome social events, and is the proud home of the Village West Vikings Swim Team.

So, if you are looking for a great place to spend those warm summer days and better network with your community, look no further than Village West Pool.

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Sign up for volunteer opportunities throughout the year at our volunteer page here



50 Years Strong

Read about VWP's 50th year as the heart of West Springfield Village and our Anniversary celebration.

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Village West Pool is celebrating its 50th anniversary - a testament to its importance as a community resource. But we need YOUR help to keep it running another 50 years.  Even if you aren't a member, we need community support. Donate here now.




What are the Rules?

Our utmost concern is the safety and comfort of our swimmers and members. Check out the core rules of Village West Pool here.


Treasurer's Reports

Village West is a community resource. Learn more about our financial situation by checking out the Treasurer's regular reports here.

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