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2017 – 50 Years Strong!

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, Village West Pool has instituted a few important changes for the 2017 season based on member feedback and our continuing effort to strengthen our financial position so that we can remain a bedrock of West Springfield communities for another 50 years.

Added Hours!

First, VWP will be open longer during the 2017 season! We have adjusted hours to accommodate parents who would rather not have to leave the pool for 30 minutes between the end of Viking swim practice and pool open during late June and July.  We have also extended weekday evening hours to accommodate adult swimmers who want to get laps in after work.  Finally, we have extended Saturday close to 9pm throughout the entire season. Please review our full hours of operation here.

Volunteer Fee/Credit

As VWP is a community-run facility, we are instituting a membership-wide volunteering program.

  • The program consists of a yearly volunteer fee for annual members (per household) that can be reduced via credits earned by volunteering hours.
  • The fee will be assessed for every household at the end of the season (30 September), less any volunteer hours completed.
  • For 2017, the fee will be $100 per household, and members can earn a credit of $10 per volunteer hour worked.  Volunteer hours earned since 1 October 2016 count toward the 2017 fee. This means that a household could earn a credit for the full $100 with only 10 hours of volunteer work during the season.

Our hope is that this program harnesses the support of the entire membership, giving all of us an option of helping through a few volunteer hours, a nominal fee, or a mix of both, rather than through an up-front $500 membership bond. We will be posting volunteer opportunities on our website in the coming months.

Because this fee is only assess on annual members, we have increased the price of the monthly and weekly membership fees accordingly.


2017 Annual Membership Discounts

Also new for this year:

  • Members of the Civic Association of West Springfield Village receive $20 off their dues! Use coupon code “CAWSV” during checkout.
  • New Members receive a 20 percent discount! Use coupon code “new member” during checkout.
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