Volunteer Bulletin Board

Check out our available volunteer positions throughout the year on this page. Each volunteer hour worked per individual is credited toward your household's annual volunteer credits at the rate of $10 per hour. A household needs to volunteer for only 10 hours per year to waive the $100 volunteer fee assessed at the end of the season (30 Sep).

Scheduled Jobs

These duties fall on specific dates or weeks are there are multiple opportunities to help. For these jobs, sign up via the signup genius link within each posting.

Lawn Mowing

Help us keep Village West beautiful! Sign up here to cut the lawn one week. We will reimburse your gas.


Variable Time Jobs

These duties are partial or year-round positions or task oriented projects that can be done at a time period of the individual's or team's choosing. For these tasks, use the form at the right to let us know you are interested and we will get back to you!

Wanted: Socials Chair

VWP needs a socials chair to manage our awesome pool activities!  The social chair can decide either to be hands on in managing these activities (such as Friday night grills, crab fest, chili cook off, etc) or decide to coordinate volunteers who take point on each event or a mix of both. The hours for this position vary depending on the office holder. The job is mostly active just before and during the swim season (May-August).

Wanted: Marketing Chair

VWP needs a member to lead a new position as the Marketing & Communications Chair, who will work with the Treasurer and the Board to help expand our membership base and be in charge of membership communications.  Past experience is a plus, but not required!

Wanted: "Shadow" Treasurer

We also need a candidate to succeed our treasurer next year, and optimally would like to begin "training" the replacement during this season.  This is a critical job and the candidate must be organized and comfortable with balancing a check book, although the job DOES NOT require a background as a CPA or financial professional. We work with an accountant to file taxes at the end of the fiscal year. After instituting a number of process changes this year, we anticipate the successor to our current treasurer needing to work about 2-3 hours per month in the off season and 5-8 during the swim season. The shadow treasurer would only need to put in a total of 10 hours during the 2018 season before assuming the full position, assuming an affirmative membership vote.

New Stuff Wish List

We need help with these improvement projects:

Stalls - Uninstall old bathroom stalls and install new.
Tile - Install new tile in bathrooms.
Help with Bids - We need help calling companies to get competitive bids on pending improvement projects.

Facility Touch Ups

We have a number of clean up and touch up jobs that need to be finished. These include:

Front Facia - Paint final coat of the pool house front white facia (ladder work).
Pavilion Facia - Paint the new facia behind the new gutter on the Pavilion (ladder work).
Toilet Check - Check and replace seals on a few toilets.
Rock Landscape - Pull back river rocks, lay landscaping fabric, and relay rock.
New Rock - Lay new river rock between shuffleboard and swim team shed.

Volunteer Form

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