Board, Chairs, & Community Advisors

Jason Henry

President (Oct 2015) 



Meredith Brody

Vice President  (Apr 2016)

The neighborhood knows Jason as being a leading advocate for the community since his family moved here in 2004, regularly initiating ideas for new events, introducing new neighbors to the area, and hosting socials himself. His previous volunteer experience includes serving as a team rep for the Vikings, working as a stroke and turn judge, serving as vice president of the Rolling Valley Elementary PTA, and chair of its Haunted House committee. Jason hails from California and is an Army veteran.

Meredith initially stepped in to fill the shoes of her predecessor, who had to cut his tenure short due to a family move, and was formally elected by the membership in September 2016.  Meredith is the Village's all-around go to person, having served in multiple roles on the board of the Rolling Valley Elementary School PTA and basically volunteering for everything.  Thanks for stepping up Meredith!

Matt McCandless

Treasurer (Oct 2015)


Jenna Dee

Secretary (Oct 2016)


A Michigan native, Matt has lived in West Springfield Village since 2001 and he and his family have been pool members since 2006.  Matt’s volunteer experience includes serving as treasurer of the Rolling Valley Elementary School PTA during 2013-15 and as chair of the PTA’s Haunted House committee prior to that.  Matt is a stroke and turn judge for the Vikings, an instructor at NOVA Tang Soo Do, and a Michigan State Spartan.

Jenna Dee originally moved to Springfield in 2001, settling in the West Springfield Village area during the past few years. Jenna volunteered for the pool in her early years as a member, and she also volunteered as an advocate for the City of Alexandria Commission on Women from 1996 until 2007.  Jenna is a Virginia native and graduate of the College of William and Mary.  

Lisa Wolfe

Social Events Chair (Oct 2016) 

Larry Kinde

Facilities Chair (Sep 2016) 

Lisa is a military spouse and has been a resident of West Springfield Village since July 2015. She served for one year as a member of the events committee for Greyhawk Landing Community in Bradenton, FL (2012-2013) and has volunteered since 2012 for Parent Teacher Associations in both Florida and Virginia. She is the current chair for the RVES Spring Dance. Her goal is to plan social events for all age groups that will bring us closer together as a neighborhood while embracing the diversity in our community. 

Jen Guernsey

Community Advisor
(Sept 2016)

Amy Meli

Community Advisor
(Sep 2016)

Jen is the President of the Village West Vikings Swim Team and has been a Viking Team Representative since 2014.  She began volunteering with the team as a Bagel Lady back in 2006 and continues to “schmear" bagels with pride every season.  Prior to being a team rep, Jen also served in the critical and time-consuming job of Vikings data guru, entering and sorting swimmer info and meet results into an unforgiving database. Her freelance job as a Russian translator gives her the flexibility to indulge in lots of time helping out the team, which she thinks is way more fun than working anyway. Jen is usually not hard to spot, as her usual summer uniform is brightly colored tie-dye outfits that she has made at the annual Viking tie-dye events. Jen also spent years helping out the Rolling Valley PTA, including as its after-school activities chair. She hails from Ohio, but defected to go to the University of Michigan and is an unabashed Wolverine.

Amy is the Vikings Vice President. A Viking parent since 2012, she first stepped up to serve as a Viking Team Representative starting with the 2016 season after several seasons helping out on the deck, mostly as a timer. Amy is an avid triathlete. She was a swimmer in her younger days as well, so she has her own fond memories of swim team to draw on. When you don't find her on the swim deck, she's likely in the water, as Amy supplements her triathlon training by swimming in all of the Vikings' coach-versus-parent relays and in the Vikings' swim marathon fundraisers. She has a political science and communications degree from Virginia Tech and loves watching Hokie football.